Thursday, May 22, 2008

That's All She Wrote....

It's over! The last bell has rung for the year. The classroom has been packed up and gradually moved into my one bedroom apartment ( YIKES). As I handed out the report cards, I asked the kids to tell me their favorite memory from first grade...some of them were quite random. Here's two that made the list....remember the day I had the kids pop a hundred balloons and freaked out cause it sounded like gunfire...well, I guess it was worth it because popping 100 balloons made the list. My child who has kept me entertained all year with funny comments and banana peels brought to school remembered a day that I made a garbage bag talk to one of the's the little things that they remember. As for me, I will remember this class as a big present from God filled with laughter, growth, incredible opportunities to talk about God and a bunch of children who were just a pure pleasure to teach!

It's hard to believe that this next year will be my first year without teaching in nine years. Instead, I'll be the student - studying French. I took a preliminary placement exam and scored a 72.5% which will either place me in the intermediate class or the advanced class depending on the results of an oral exam that I will take when I get there. An apartment opened up for me on campus which was a big answer to prayer because it will be furnished and it will also be on campus so that when it snows like crazy I'll not have to do too much driving in it! Just thinking about some of the pictures of snow there that I have seen makes me nervous. One things for sure, I'll be learning more than French! :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Second Grade - Here We Come

My students have been doing a little bit of writing to their future Second Grade teachers telling them why they will make great second grade students. I had to share this particular piece of writing because it's just plain funny!

Dear Second Grade Teacher,

I will be the most awesome second grade student you will ever have in your class and you will POP your socks off when you see me doing stuff. I will focus and listen, do my work and be responsible every day and participate.



Nothing like being completely confident in one's abilities...all I can say is it's a good thing his second grade teacher can't see his handwriting, spelling and punctuation because she might just have a heart attack.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Silly and in Love

Well, I think it's official, my student is gone and she's left behind one broken heart. Prior to her departure. One of my little boys had become quite taken with her. It was actually hilarious to watch. He would get behind her and giggle and laugh and he had the biggest grin on his little face. I really wanted to bust out laughing watching him sometimes. I guess it finally struck him today that she was gone and he came and asked me if she was coming back. When I told him that I thought she had moved, he looked completely disappointed and slumped back into line. Ahh, now there won't be anyone to stand behind and giggle like a fool in love!
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