Monday, December 19, 2011

A Jolly Little Bit of Fun

If you have kids or you are a teacher in need a little bit of Christmas entertainment for your students then today's post is for you. 

Last year at our class Christmas party, my kids had a blast dressing up as characters from the Christmas story.  We had Mary, Joseph, an angel, some sheep - you get the picture.  These children were then sent to hide around our campus while their classmates tried hard not to peek from inside the classroom.  When everyone was safely hidden away, the students in the classroom went searching for the Christmas characters.  It was highly entertaining watching them try to locate their classmates some of whom hid themselves quite nicely in garbage cans and toy trunks and behind bushes.  So there you go a little game of Christmas Hide and Go Seek will keep the troops entertained. 

Now being in a hot environment like Niger makes Christmas Hide and Go Seek easier than traipsing about in the snow, freezing to death and wishing that someone would just find you already so that you could go in and warm up.  So this year's game is for you if you live in a cold place but it will still get your kids moving and they'll have a great deal of fun.  I printed off the cards located here and then I let my kids draw one and everyone did the actions.  I wondered whether my second graders would enjoy it and I had thought about having a spinner to make it more fun with categories like choose one to do the action or you and two friends do the action or everyone do the action.  But we ran out of time so I just let them draw a card and do the action and they loved it.

There you go a jolly little bit of fun for the kiddos this Christmas!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Field Day Celebration

Cheering Nation



eyes on the destination



no disqualification



time for celebration
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