Thursday, February 23, 2012

Endless Giggles

 Hey there, Jolly Giant!

When we put you together,

we had no idea that you would make us
laugh until our little tummies hurt.
You may look as mean as a snake,

but we aren't fooled. 
We know that you just love patting us on the head,

holding our hands

and having us admire your teeny tiny giant feet.


You didn't quite meet dress code.
That was pretty embarassing and definitely, our mistake!

But now that you've got your snazzy green shorts and new shoes
you are definitely ready to have your picture made.

  So if you don't mind,
we're each gonna hug you in our own special way.

Then we'll all love on you together

because you have made us giggle endlessly these last two days!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hood Ornament? or Cooking for a Crowd?

Time for another episode of
As Seen On The Bridge! 

This week I was driving across the bridge and I passed a fully loaded van with three green strainers attached to the grill. 
Is this someone's idea of a cool hood ornament? 

Granted, it can't quite compete with the bull horns. 
But what it lacks in the coolness factor it makes up for in it's utility.

Imagine you are on the road and you suddenly get struck by a hunger pang.  You pull over, start the fire, throw in the spaghetti, unhook your strainer from the grill, drain out the water and fix yourself a nice plate of spaghetti.

"Why 3?"
you might ask yourself.

Well it's rare that one should travel in a bush taxi alone...

so three green strainers insure that should the entire bush taxi be struck by a collective hunger pang you will have adequate straining power.

This is what some people like to refer to as "cooking for a crowd."

Friday, February 3, 2012

When You Aren't...

See this teacher. 
That's Miss B. 
She is the cool 4th/5th grade teacher who has all kinds of pets. 
She's been known to keep a wide variety of pets such as rabbits, hedgehogs, birds, turtles and chameleons.

So what happens when you aren't the cool teacher who keeps classroom pets?

(That would be me!) 

Then your students are forced to find their own pets which leads to the adoption of...

"The Classroom Spider".
Yes, that would be the little black dot on the floor


yes, they literally get that excited over the sighting of "Jumpy", the spider.

Jumpy is a little jumping spider who lives in our classroom and occasionally, he appears with his cousin Pumpy.  They are not to be mixed up with one another because Jumpy is black and Pumpy is brown.

Everything stops so that Jumpy can be greeted appropriately and his activities carefully examined.
This week the excitement over his appearance was so great that Jumpy had to take a field trip next door so that he could be shared with the Third Grade.

SO that's what happens when you aren't the the cool teacher that has classroom pets!

Operation Contraction

Time to operate on words.
 Mask, please.
Gloves on and we're ready.
Move to the operating table.
Cut away the unecessary.
Apply the bandaid.
Work together for better success.
And you have completed contration surgery!

Funny Comments Heard Mid-Surgery:

"I don't know how doctors do this!"
(in reference to the gloves and masks which they all thought were stinky)

"Miss Botheras, why are you letting us waste bandaids?"
(Ahh, such good MKs!)

This great idea for teaching contractions was inspired by The First Grade Parade.

Did you ever think you would see the day?

 Did you ever think you would see the day that I would be wearing an outfit like this?
Hmm, me neither.  It kind of makes me think of an African version of the Chiquita Banana woman! :)  I'm what you might call "conservative" in my choice of pattern in clothing so the African cloth for the most part is a little wild and crazy for me.  I mean I have friends who might choose to wear chickens on their clothing (you know who you are!) or sparkplugs or any manner of other random object but I'm kind of partial to patterns that fade into the background.  But this Christmas I finally found this cloth which I really liked.  I can do stripes!  "But they are bright green," you say, "how is that not wild?".  That color green happens to be one of my favorite colors as evidenced by the curtain in the background of this picture.  So I went for it!  This, then, is my tailor made outfit.
Last Friday night, I was bored so I tried my hand at tying the head scarf.  It was highly entertaining for me and I finally came up with something halfway decent that actually stayed on my head. 

Will I be wearing my head tie out and about...hmm, that remains to be seen?  But at least I now have an outfit to wear for occasions that necessitate it.
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