Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things that make me laugh

I love a good chuckle...(a sixth grader came into my room and used that word today and that in itself made me want to chuckle...chuckle's a really weird word if you think about it. But I digress!) So here are a couple of things that have made me laugh recently.

this smile

this outfit - My kids got to dress up as 100 year olds for the 100th Day of School.
this quote - We have been studying the moon for the last month or so and of course, we've learned about how cold it is there. This morning it was a little on the chilly side before school and one of my students asked me if she could stay inside until the bell rang. I have no mercy - it's not like it's snowing out there - probably only 75 degrees, if that, and so I said no. She proceeded to pull up the collar of her jacket and tuck her hands into the sleeves of her jacket. As she stepped out the classroom door, she said something like "Alright, let me go out on the moon!"
Oh my!
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