Sunday, October 12, 2014

Discovering Our Creator in the Hedges

One teaching position that has been on our list for the last few years is that of an elementary Bible teacher.  I know it would be awesome to have someone come along who would be passionate about teaching Bible to our elementary kids but secretly (or not so secretly), I'm kind of happy that I get to teach Bible to my own students each year.  As I take on this responsibility, I love to see how God connects the truths we learn in our Bible time to other subjects and to things that happen in our every day lives.

We start right at the beginning with the story of Creation.  Last year as I searched for some hands on activities to do with my kids centered around creation, I ran across the idea of drawing the number for each day of creation and having the kids illustrate inside the number what God did that day.  So my trusty assistant at the time made me some numbers that the kids could trace and away we went.

What I love about this project is that it forces kids to be creative in their drawing and how they fill the space.  Here's my favorite one out of this year's projects.

After we finished talking about all the days of creation, we took a class and just reflected on Creation and what we can learn about who God is through Creation.  Something crazy was going on and I had to run an errand so we turned it into a walk in "God's Creation" and as we walked we thought about what we could learn about God.  What did we happen upon on our walk but two hedgehogs curled up in the hedges - a rare sight during the daylight!

(And yes, I can count.  This picture was taken after one had been picked up. :)

You better believe that we stopped and took time to terrorize enjoy them.  Poor little things probably won't ever let the sun rise on them again without being hidden away in a very dark corner.  

After our very eventful walk, the kids definitely had lots to say about what Creation teaches us about God.  Here are some of the truths they pulled out:
  • God is creative - all the amazing and different animals he created.
  • He loves color.
  • He is mighty - he speaks and things happen.
  • God doesn't have a beginning.
  • God loves us and created us with great care.
Some simple and profound truths about Our Great Creator were discovered in the hedges that day.
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