Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cards & Crafty Chics

Time to catch up a little from Christmas Break since I spent all of it without my computer I couldn't post anything about the fun I had. I got to hang out with some of my favorite people and make cards together! Here they are in all their glory.... Jen, twirling her tulle
Could this be Amy adhering white embossing powder instead of clear? :)
Buffie & Katye wielding the wands of heat!
Katye and I - a gazillion miles away from where we met!

What I love about kids

Last night, I went to interview a lady named Jennifer who has a club for kids one evening a month in a local school where she gets to share the gospel with them. When I pulled up to the curb I knew I was at the right house because there were people (and they looked very little) sitting at the window watching for me. It was her two daughters. Now mind you, I had never met their mom or them but there they were watching for me like I was a really good friend! And when I came in the house they told me that they had been waiting and they were excited for this "guest" to arrive that their mom had called "a friend". That's the beauty of children isn't it? They don't even have to know you yet they still deem you worthy of their friendship.

Friday, January 16, 2009

One Blog Leads to Another

You know how one interesting blog often leads you to another...I started following this blog a couple months back because the pictures of Niger were absolutely awesome. I'm not exactly sure what Esther does in Niger but I do know that she seems to have a yard full of animals - horses, goats, dogs and birds - are the ones I know about. She takes beautiful pictures of her animals and of Niger and gives clever commentary. This particular pictures only post entitled "The Day We Told Allis What Happened to Her Father" made me laugh out loud. It's definitely worth a look!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Public Talents to Display

Last year, my grade level chair decided to afford our first grade team the opportunity to display our talent for the purpose of providing one another with a good laugh. Our whole school had been through a lot of craziness so it was just a way to let off some steam. When the idea was announced, I got up and demonstrated my dancing ability just to emphasize the fact that I really don't have any public talents to display....I'm not a dancer, a singer, an instrument player or anything else. But the show had to go on and it had to include my 'talent' or lack there of. While preparing I was struck by a most brilliant idea which I will not reveal here because one day I might have to display my talents for you and I would hate to reveal my only possible public talent. I will just reveal that it included juggling. I had no idea that I had been caught in the act...which makes this picture all the more fun. I have to tell you that this event had our whole first grade in stitches. We laughed until we were crying! One of my other favorite acts was Sara who busted out the trumpet for the first time since she was in middle school or high school. Needless to say after hearing her, I felt fine about getting up and displaying my non-talent. We all just laughed at our REALLY bad talents!
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