Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A "Welcome Home" Tradition

It seems there is a little "Welcome Home" tradition developing when I return from home assignment.  Upon my return from my last home assignment, I woke up one morning to a flat tire - a little "happy to see you again" gift from my car.  This time I gave myself the gift in a much more dramatic style by running over a six inch pipe sticking out of the ground - a nice pop and "psssssszzzz" as the air fizzled out and all of this in front of a truckload of soldiers.  Oh me, oh my!

The wonderful thing about Niger is that help is just around the corner.  The security guard called the guy on the corner who fixes tires to come and he changed the tire after borrowing a workable jack from one of my friends.  So help came quickly.  Not only that, I now know that I need a new jack and four new tires. So I'm thankful for the wisdom God provides even out of my dumbest moves!

As Seen in the Airport

I sat down on the floor in the Atlanta Airport to stretch my legs out for a bit and watch the world go by.  After a few minutes, along came two older gentlemen who sat down just opposite of me.  One took off and deposited on the seat beside him a very interesting carryon filled with well loved bears. 

As I listened to the conversation, I could tell that each bear had a name.  And then, snack time began.  One of the gentlemen opened a package of cheese and peanut butter crackers and before helping himself, he offered a cracker to each bear, even the small one in the back was not to be overlooked.
After the crackers came a snickers bar which was also offered to each bear before being consumed.  And just in case there were any hungry bears left, they got one more chance at a nibble of a cheese and peanut butter cracker.

Things that make you go "hmm" and surreptitiously take a few photos too!

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