Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Confession is Good For the Soul

They say that confession is good for the soul.  I'm not sure that my First Graders have ever heard that saying before but they certainly went about confessing the error of their ways as they wrote letters for the incoming First Graders.

I no longer have to wonder who was writing on the chalkboard or using the pencil sharpener to sharpen their eraser.  Pretty sure this is as good as a signed confession!

And then there is the kid who cut his head open after running across the room, tripping and falling.  He might just get it now.

And notice that after confessing your own shortcomings, you can always go on to cover those of your teacher.  Ha!  It's totally true!  I'm always forgetting stuff.

There was all kinds of sage advice given - stuff I say all the time...

Fill your water bottle at recess.
Tie your shoes.
No hair dressing!
Clean your desk.   

Then there was this kid, slow as molasses, she is.

Her advice - she skipped straight to rule number 3 in our classroom.  Follow directions the first time.  When I asked her why she wrote that she first said that following directions was important but when I asked her why she skipped to that particular rule she said in a very earnest voice, "Because I'm trying!" I wanted to bust out laughing.  She's trying all right but mostly it's my patience that has been tried. I guess I can take consolation from the fact that she at least recognizes it's a problem. 

The truth is that it has been a pretty challenging year for me and I'll readily admit that I haven't always been as patient and loving as I should have been.  But in reading these letters, there was so much grace extended to me from these little ones as they shared with the incoming First Graders that they felt challenged, that they laughed and had fun.  And though it hasn't been easy, I rejoice with them in the growth that they have demonstrated and I'm thankful for the grace that God extends to each one of us as we continue growing.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rainy Day Recess

When you live in a sun parched land it would be the cruelest kind of punishment to make your students stay inside for recess on a rainy day...especially when it's the first really nice rain of the season.  Imagine wild colts running and kicking up their heels in a field and you will have a little picture of the friskiness that embodied our K-3 students as they played today.  There was all kinds of fun to be had!

WARNING:  All this friskiness comes with some dirty consequences!
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