Saturday, October 9, 2010

Inspired By...

Inspired by one of our new math books - that's what my students have been!  I checked this one out and read it on the day that I introduced the concept of even and add numbers.  They loved it!  It has a great story line, illustrations that get children laughing and an ending that makes the reader want to put their hands on My Even Day as soon as possible.  What I especially loved is that without any encouragement at all, my children were inspired to write stories about an odd day.  Plenty a mother was growing multiple heads or arms, playgrounds were turning into chocolate and school buses were driving around on one wheel.  One thing that is for sure, when I get back to the land of bookstores this is one that I will be purchasing for my own personal teaching library.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Now I Know What All That Giggling Was About

This morning during writer's workshop there was a fair amount of giggling coming from the second graders and I could hear that they were playing around with words and poetry.  Working on report cards tonight, I have been reading their writing and coming across their silly creations like this one...

Once there was a woody
Who sat on a toody
And went to the Loody.

Very nonsensical!  Just the kind of stuff to make any second grader laugh.
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