Monday, April 28, 2008

Mama said there would be days like this

Today, definitely qualified as a "MONDAY." The trouble started with a 7:30 call over the intercom for me. Ever since my first year of teaching I have hated to hear my name called over the intercom. In my first year it never meant anything good! So of course, I started reviewing in my head everything that had happened on Friday and breathed a huge sigh of relief when I found out that it was only an IEP meeting. However, that put me about 10 minutes late in getting back to my class. When I did arrive, I was greeted by a wall full of students waiting patiently but one of them had untreated ringworm. Yikes! "Off to the nurse with you." She was sent back to class with bandaids and all the while, I'm thinking..."Isn't it contagious? Doesn't she need to go home?" So I went and straightened that out with the nurse and got the child sent on home and then the day seemed to get a little smoother. At the end of the day, our parent coordinator stopped me in the hall and delivered some really bad news. I have a student that arrived in October and was incredibly low. This student could barely read and was incredibly far behind in Math. This student barely communicated in any way. I have been working hard to get this student the help he/she needs and he/she finally got picked up by our Reading Recovery teacher for one on one help. He/She is finally showing progress in reading and is finally communicating in full sentences. I've been excited to see positive things happening for this student. But our parent coordinator told me today that the mother had decided that they are pulling up and going back to where they came from TOMORROW. No closure for this painfully shy child. Rug ripped out! No chance to finish the year on a positive note! I'm frustrated and disappointed for this student and praying for a change of heart and a whole bunch of wisdom for his/her mother.

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