Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Would You Do If....?

Here's an interesting picture from the world of aviation missions...head on over to this blog to get the scoop.


  1. Wow, awesome shot. I read thier blog as well. Boys thought that was neat.

    Sorry it is so cold. I remember the cold of Quebec. Too hard on a California girl. Phil would shovel a foot of snow off the van each morning before we left for school BURR.

  2. Hi Auntie Beth!!

    Joseph Sissy and Gary are right here with me looking at the picture...Gary says...COOL!
    Joseph wants to know...How close did they have to get to kick sand in the lion's faces?...Sissy thinks that it is cool that they just stayed there and allowed people to take their pictures!!

    Thanks for posting this COOL picture.....the kids from Galmi Day School!



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