Saturday, May 16, 2009


Losing your wallet is kind of like being grounded and it ain't fun, folks! So this is my lost wallet update...Monday afternoon after my class I went to the mall information office. The good news was that a lady had found it and called the mall to see if anyone had come looking for their wallet. The bad news is that they didn't take down her phone number. But she did mention the wallet was from an American and that she planned on sending it to the address on the driver's license. So all this week I've been patiently waiting, praying and hoping that she would send it on its way quickly to Georgia. However, my friend Betty said nothing had arrived yet so I guess it's taking its time and enjoying the sights along the way!

I finally decided tonight to order a replacement license since it only costs $5. Way to go Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles for not charging the pants off of people in desperate situations! (Desperate might be a bit of an overstatement in my case but it sounds so much more dramatic.)

However, I cannot say the same for my lovely bank. I won't mention any names. I happened to have an extra debit card for what used to be my primary bank. My salary no longer gets put into this bank account so I still don't really have access to my income - just my savings. Anyway, I decided to activate this card but I can hardly justify using it because it will charge me a $5 atm international withdrawal fee + plus 3% of whatever I withdraw. So let's just say I took out $300. I would have to pay $5 (atm) + $9 (3%) which equals a grand total of $14 for the privilege of withdrawing my money in Canada. That seems mighty steep! I think I need to find a place to put my money that's a little more conducive to the life of a dual citizen.

In the mean time, everyone from my teacher to my neighbors have offered to lend me some money for which I've been very thankful. It's just sad to see my little white car sitting in the driveway begging to be driven - especially on this long weekend! Feels a lot like being grounded...

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