Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Bouffant Bob

Lately, I've been realizing that I really need to get my hair cut and get it back off my neck. But with that desire comes a certain amount of reticence and unwillingness to actually take the plunge as it means that I would have to try and explain my hairstyle preference in French to a hair dresser. How to solve the problem? Well, I really was quite fond of the way my hair was cut the very last time I got it cut in July so I thought to myself why not take in a picture of myself to give the hairdresser some guidance. Yesterday was my lucky day! Someone else provided me with a picture of myself which I can use to give the hairdresser some guidance. "Yes, that's right, Mr./Ms. Hairdresser, I'm hear to get the Bouffant Bob. I hear it's all the rage these days."

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