Saturday, April 3, 2010

Look What I Made Mom!

Just before leaving the U.S. I bought some material that I thought would be cute for kitchen curtains. I've been waiting on furniture to be made and so I haven't really done anything until this break with my apartment. But since my furniture is now made, I made some choices on material for my couches and chairs and for my bedroom curtains. Having all this material around got me inspired so I started thinking about what kind of curtain to make for my kitchen. My first thoughts were a roman shade like this one. So I started folding the material and holding it up wondering if I would even have enough. For some reason, as I held in up I turned the pleats sideways and BOOM! An idea was born. How about three pleats on one side of a curtain? So I folded it and played around with it to see if I liked it. Laurence, my neighbor, suggested that a ribbon might accentuate the pleats. I just happened to have some in my scrapbook stash that was just the right color. So I went for it! And this is the final result...which I love! It kind of reminds me of a school girl's uniform. Anyway...just thought I would share a little of my craftiness with you.


  1. super cute !!!!!!!! And, I love that the burglar bars are so decorative!

    Must take pics of your new furniture, too.

  2. I like you. You and Laurence are both creative!

  3. Very cute! The ribbon adds a nice touch. I hope you'll put pictures of your furniture.

  4. The finished product looks great! Good work.


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