Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Someone's On a Paper Ration

Recently, my class read The Teddy Bear Tree in which a little girl buys a teddy bear at a rummage sale. The bear is subsequently stolen by a dog who runs off into the forest leaving only it's glass eye behind. The girl decides to plant the eye which sets into motion the growth of the teddy bear tree and many ensuing problems. When we were all finished, I had the kids think about something they could plant and what might grow from it. I got jewelry trees, money trees, phone trees and candy trees and then there was the first grader who wrote:
Hmm, just putting on my pschologist hat here...I think someone's been put on a paper ration.


  1. so great!! You really elicit some great artwork & stories out of your kids. Where do you get yr hands on all of these marvelous books? From your stash??


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