Friday, July 2, 2010

In the News

Did you know that my class made the news in the great state of Texas?  We had a class with whom we were penpals just outside of the Ft. Worth area.  In the last week of school, we arranged a skype conversation with them which had to take place very early in the morning for them and right before school let out for us.  Unfortunately, partway through the experience our internet started acting funny which put an end to the conversation.  We continued to try to reconnect and in those moments I would catch little sound bytes of what sounded like an interview leading me to believe there were reporters there.  Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed by the teacher who had been notified early that morningy by all three of the local tv stations that they would come to record these childrens experience connecting with their international penpals.  Later on, a friend of mine living in that area confirmed that they had actually seen the newsclip on tv.  Really wish I could find that clip to share with you but I think that would be a waste of my time so instead I'll share this link to a news article featuring one of the families that joined our school community in January.  They are in the midst of starting a hospital for CURE.  It's a great article and there's even some talk about Sahel.  So here it is.

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