Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Show Me and I Can Do It (Maybe???)

I guess I must be partly a visual learner because I love to see things in pictures before I do them.  I had no idea that one could find tutorials on how to do just about anything until my friend Elizabeth started posting all the fancy things that she had been making by following tutorials.  So I was inspired to tackle some sewing projects using tutorials.  So here are the two pillows I've produced.  The one on the right has an envelope opening.  The strips of raspberry fabric are leftover from my curtains.  The proportions seem a little off but I wasn't measuring too carefully. Surprise! Surprise!  

I love the pleated pillow on the left.  The tutorial came from here.  I got tired of measuring so it's not the straightest thing in the world.  Plus I couldn't get the tension quite right on the thread.  Thankfully, I could turn all the pleats over so the puckered thread is hidden.  It took a while to make all the pleats but I ironed and sewed while someone was chatting with me so it was the perfect project.

I put a zipper in this project. A first for me so I used this tutorial along with my sewing machine instruction book to help with the changing of the feet.  I would definitely recommend the zipper closure as opposed to the envelope closure.  It just seems to look neater.  So there you have it - I'm moving beyond paper into other areas of craftiness!


  1. wow! That pleated pillow is a really neat neat idea. Only took you 5 hours, right? So, is this helping you makeover your living area? Pictures with the whole "look" put together would be great. Now, where are you getting all of this fabric? That mod pattern on the pillow is amazing!

  2. Haha! I have no idea how many hours it took. There was a very chatty person staying with me...trust me this project probably kept me sane! :) It seems a right fancy pillow for my bedroom but that's where it is and the material is so soft that last night I decided it would be the pillow I would sleep with (drool on, sweat on!) So much for that five hours of work. Anywho, it is a rather mod fabric but I loved the bright colors. Now my friend Beka would probably say that it's probably not at the pulling together stage because there is a great big NOTHING on the walls. Now that I'm thinking about it though, it would be fun to paint a similar pattern or colors on the wall behind my bed. Hmm, I'll have to think on that one for a bit!

  3. I love tutorials!! Since I won my sewing machine almost a year ago I've sewn exculsively from tutorials! You can find them for everything! Keep up the great work! FYI...love following you on your blog. We pray all is going well for you!

    Jaclyn A (Gary's wife)

  4. your friend beka says PAINT THE WALL! how cool would that be???? sounds like a break project to me! :) you could trace it from a projector before painting it. what we really need is ardill... :(

  5. ardill? What's that? And I am very impressed with the pleated pillow!!!!!

  6. I think Beka was trying to spell Ardell and didn't quite make it.


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