Friday, March 11, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink...Wait They've Got that Too!

Friday afternoon usually finds us dropping by Four Corners to visit the local vegetable stands.  One of the corners features a barely formal outdoor shop where the vendor lays out all manner of treasures from the western world on the ground.  Magazines, books, three ring binders, decades old apple computers - these  items are all displayed and perused by passing customers.  Imagine our delight last week when we discovered that he even had a kitchen sink for sale!

But that's not all.  This week I was shocked to see a man examining a pair of these:

Hmm, what are those doing in Niger?  Of course, I had to get out and ask the vendor how much they were.  He wanted $20 dollars for them.  I'm not even sure that he knew what they were for.  I declined, of course, and opted for the free picture instead!


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  2. HA HA HA!!! That's BRILLIANT! I LOVE IT!!!


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