Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's a sad, sad day!  My bottle of footloose & fancy fizz is empty!  Vide!  Finnito!  Gone!  This stuff comes from Bath & Body Works and let me tell you, if you are coming to Niger it is worth every cent  you spend on it because your feet feel SO GOOD when you soak them in this at the end of a hot & dirty day!
Speaking of things that are gone, yesterday one of my first graders started to cry when she got distracted and forgot the word that she wanted to write on the board.  I told her it was okay not to worry and then I tried to make her laugh by telling her that if I cried every time I forgot something, I'd be crying all day.  It didn't make her laugh.  I guess you have to be old to understand that one!

And while I'm on the subject of children, let me tell you about some very entertaining ways that first graders like to pass the time while taking a standardized test.  I caught one of my boys admiring his muscles while he waited for his classmates to finish.  Sleeve up...flexing...hmm, that looks pretty good!  Then a little later in the test they were using a ruler to measure an eraser.  So when he gets done with his test, he was back to muscle admiring and he decided to pull out his ruler and measure up the height of that bulge.  When I caught his eye, we both had a good chuckle over his "muscle love."  He really should get some bonus points for knowing how to use his ruler in a pratical way, don't you think?


  1. HA HA HA!!!!!! don't even tell me that was my son... he has had a big muscle fascination lately...

  2. No...he was very intent on his test! :)

  3. Love this story! I've got to check your blog spot now! I've just learned about them this week when I took a class for using blogs in the classroom. Maybe I'll try one of my own! Maybe...


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