Friday, September 16, 2011

Open House Night

Every year I have teacher friends who post their fresh new classroom pics on facebook and I enjoy looking at the creativity reflected within.  Tonight is Open House Night at Sahel Academy so I thought, "What better time to give you a tour of my classroom."  The door is open so come on in and have a look around!

Here's our lovely big blackboard with some weather posters displayed below.  We've been learning a lot about the weather.  Here in Niger you have to take advantage of studying the weather now because once October hits there will be very little change in the weather.

We enjoyed reading some weird weather facts in Pink Snow and Other Weird Weather and using our imaginations to create other strange kinds of weather like gumball rain, jewelry falling from the sky or a whole schoolhouse coming down complete with rulers and pencils and every item needed to have fun at school.

Here's our meeting mat. Our First Grade friends join us for Writer's Workshop.  This is one of our favorite times of day!

 We use our word wall frequently.  Displayed below are some of our favorite books so far this year.

 Of course, we had to display some of the great stories we've been writing.

Last but certainly not least on this illustrious tour, stop by our book center and cubbies.
Well, I sure hope that you enjoyed the tour around my classroom as much as my students and their parents did!

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