Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Post in Which I Advocate the Eating of TEENS

That's right.  You heard me correctly.  This is the post in which I advocate the eating of TEENS.  They are delicious, perfectly aged, a little crusty on the outside but sweet at the core where it counts!

I can hear you now, "Gosh! I can't believe she's turned into a cannibal!  I never would have suspected.  So sad!" or "I wonder if she'd like mine for dinner?"  Well, before we get too far down that road let me assure you...

it's the eating of these kind of TEENS that I am advocating.
So now that all the panicking is over lets talk about these TEENS.  At times the grocery stores here in Niger provide some interesting snack choices but I have to say TEENS were a pleasant little discovery.  I mean what's not to like about a treat that tastes like chocolate cardboard err I mean wafers with a white chocolate center?  For a mere dollar at Marina Market you too, can be eating your own TEENS!  Get them before they're gone.


  1. It's more like a snack type thing. Definitely not sold as cereal although it is about the size and shape of chex cereal in the US.


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