Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Summer Adventures - TCK-PFO

Huh? TCK-PFO??? What in the world? That stands for Third Culture Kids-Pre-Field Orientation. Those who participated fondly referred to it as TICK-FO. Anyway, this was the conference which I attended for two weeks in Houghton, NY. I think that there were just under 200 teachers and future dorm parents who participated in this conference which focused on the specific needs of children who grow up overseas and also delved into the experience of transitioning from one culture to another. Even though I've already been overseas, I thought it was a very valuable experience. I had several moments where things that I had experienced in Niger came into a clearer focus and I was able to understand what was really going on. It was so encouraging to see what God is doing around the world and how He is using Third Culture Kids to reach families from around the world with the gospel. It was also amazing to share the experience with so many others who are dedicated to making an impact in the lives of TCKs!
These were my roomies...Linda, Marcie, Me & Sandra.
Marcie & Rebecca Being Goofy! Rebecca was practically our roomie too! Marcie, Rebecca and Sandra are all headed to Morrison Academy in Taiwan.
Linda and Bonnie are headed to Faith Academy in the Phillipines. We are standing at Letchworth Falls.
Marion & Kris are also headed to Morrison Academy.
(Marion plays a mean guitar and watch out for Kris' Kung Fu Fighting Skills!)
While we were at Letchworth Park we saw a hot air balloon. I think that's the first time I've ever seen a hot air balloon in person so I had to take a picture. At $200 a pop, I wasn't about to take a ride!


  1. Was wondering when you'd post next. :) Hope you're enjoying your time at home. Thanks for the tips. I am definitely a planner but amidst all my planning still finding time to read Harry Potter. I'm not as fast a reader as Marcy so I'm only half way. It's good so far! :)
    Anyways, missing our time together and will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Thanks for including me on your post! We had such a great time with you and am glad we're able to continue our friendship through the internet for now! (I'll write soon... I promise!!)


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