Friday, August 24, 2007

Wow! That's just about all she could say!

Stealing a line from "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" seemed like the right way to title this one.

Last week I was feeling overwhelmed by the support that I will need to raise in order to teach at Sahel. When I think about it in terms of my own human effort it's big and it's scary. Everytime I started to worry God would remind me that it's not about me or my effort but about Him and what He wants to do. Saturday, I went to Curves and I was chatting with a lady that I've talked with on several occaisions. Her son works with the Peace Corps in South Africa and so we've had several conversations about Africa and I've had the opportunity to talk to her about how God has been leading me to Sahel Academy. Saturday she asked me where I was in the process. I shared with her that I had been accepted by SIM and I could now begin raising support. She said she didn't want to forget and and so she went to her purse right then and there and took out $100 and gave it to me. Wow! Between that and the amazingly sacrificial gift another person gave me this week - God just knocked my socks off!

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  1. Hey Beth--
    Isn't God good?! It's been so fun "blogchatting" with you:) It's fun to think that we can catch up on each other via cyberspace. Often, when I think of PFO, I think of an amazing conversation I had with you regarding support raising. I know that God has put you in this time and place to minister in Africa. I am confident that he will supply all your needs. Drop me an email with your phone #/Skype info--maybe we could chat voice to voice sometime?!
    . . . Praying for you . . .Have a super day with kids!


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