Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Flexibility & Funnies

Teaching requires a great deal of flexibility! Case in point, one of the second grade teachers moved to first grade to cover the vacancy left by one of our departing first grade teachers. Tuesday was her first day on her own, taking charge of the class. Guess what happened to her? First thing that morning, before she had begun to teach classroom routines or anything, the assistant principal walked into her room and sat down to observe her for her annual evaluation. In what other job do you receive your annual evaluation on your first day at work? That's FLEXIBILITY!

Teaching has it's funny moments though. Two weeks ago, one of my boys was so excited when we visited the library. "Miss Botheras," he said, "I'm checking out The Little Mermaid." Last week while preparing for our return to the library, I held up the books in our library box one at a time and the children claimed theirs. When I held up The Little Mermaid he was embarassed to claim it and so he very loudly declared, "Oh, I am never checking out that book again." I could not even stop myself from laughing out loud and I'm still getting a good chuckle out of it. Now, that was FUNNY!

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