Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tybee Island

Last weekend, my friend Jen and her family invited me to go to Tybee Island, off the coast of Georgia, with them. It was exactly what I needed after a really rough week at school. The weather was gorgeous and sitting by the beach so relaxing. We walked down to the lighthouse and visited the Crab Shack where I ate chicken because I'm weird like that! Sunday, we took another walk where we found a real live sand dollar which was really cool. You aren't supposed to remove them from the beach so we put it back. I wanted to watch it dig itself back into the ground but everyone else thought it would take just a little too long so they buried it in the sand.

Jen & I on the beach at Tybee


  1. I've always wondered what a live sand dollar looks like! Cool! What a beautiful lighthouse.

  2. It was very cool. I think all the people who have gone to the beach with me this year have thought I was a little bit off my rocker because I am just a tad bit fascinated by the beach creatures...I mean why not see how long it would take a sand dollar to cover himself up?? :)

  3. I was on Tybee Island too from June 14-22. Did you climb up to the top of the lighthouse, I did and I though it was really scary. My heighbor was searching online to see celebrity homes and Sandra Bullet lives on there. I thought the Sugar Shack was the best. When I went we found tons of Sand Dollars in the ocean


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