Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas on the Road

Christmas was a little bit different this year. I spent Christmas Day on the road with my Mom and Dad travelling from Toronto down to Charlotte. When I heard this was what we were going to be doing, I wondered if we would even find any places along the way to eat. No need to worry. If you ever find yourself travelling on Christmas Day. You will find the roads relatively empty and you might even find a McDonalds or two open along the way. I guess for us Christmas Dinner must have been the slice of semi-warm Sbarro pizza we ate at a rest stop along the way. Nope, don't really want to hear about your delicious turkey dinners. :)

When we got to Rock Hill, we went by a house that Kent had suggested we look at because of it's decorations. My Mom pulled into the neighbor's driveway and lingered a little bit to look at the display of lights. Next thing you know, there was a police car pulling in behind us. We decided it was time to move on quickly. Well, what do you know this police car pulled in behind us and followed us down the road where it was joined by another car. At this point, we were all wondering whether it was illegal to gaze at Christmas lights. Well, our police escort followed us all the way to Emorywood, our street, and then left us to pursue faster and more dangerous criminals.


  1. That sounds like an interesting Christmas, Beth! I hope you are enjoying the time with your family.

    When will you be coming back this way??

  2. I think it will pronbably be New Years Day. I haven't really decided.

  3. Well, did you get to do typical Christmas things just on another day???


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