Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Botheras Family "Sayings"

My Dad has all these little "sayings" that he learned from his dad who probably learned them from his dad. Sayings like "Bring it up again and we'll vote on it!" (used most effectively after someone has burped) or one of my favorites which I frequently use as parting advice, "Don't take any wooden nickels." Sometimes I like to try using these out on my students to see how they react - usually lots of blank faces.

Anyway, I was reading a bunch of letters that my mom saved from my time in boarding school and it made me laugh to see myself as a fourth or fifth grader using these phrases. In one letter that I wrote to my dad, I inquired after the growth of our new puppy. I told my dad that if he was growing to big he should "put a rock on his head." This was a favorite Botheras suggestion whenever it was mentioned that either my brother or I were growing too tall.

I make fun of my friend Amy for her weird family words but I guess the Botheras' have some pretty weird family sayings too!

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