Saturday, March 29, 2008

The T.P. Letter - Otherwise known as the Toilet Paper Letter

Have you ever received a letter written on toilet paper? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Back in my boarding school days, there was apparently a toilet paper shortage. My mom decided to make sure that I was well provided for so she wrote me a letter on toilet paper just in case...

Hi Beth!

We heard T.P. is very expensive in Nigeria now and that you are only allowed a limited amount os we're sending you this little "Care packet"! I even found pink for you being as you are a "dainty lady." Tried to find blue for Kent but had to be satisfied with white. Oh well, I think he'll forgive us! We certainly hope so. It may depend on where he happens to open this letter!! :)

I'm writing this in the pharmacy so everytime I hear footsteps I quickly hide it because I'm not sure what some people might think about your dear ole mom if they see her stationary!

Two days later and the plane will soon be coming so I must get this very important letter in the mail. Please, please use it very, very carefully.

Love you!
Mom & Dad

I guess there must not have ever been a need for "Mom's Emergency Supply"!

1 comment:

  1. How funny!

    You'll never guess what is in short supply in Niamey right now... gas (the bottled kind, that is)! I'm stuck to microwave and crockpot cooking until we can hunt up another bottle...

    By the way, I've tagged you! Find out how to play here!


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