Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh, the Places We Went

This post is for Jen, who actually checked to see if I was posting during my vacation. Sadly, for three weeks she met with disappointment, but now at 3 am in the morning when only God knows why I'm awake and can't sleep, I'm going to write about it. :)I left Atlanta around June 15th and headed up to Toronto where my Mom, Dad and I all caught a flight out to Calgary, Alberta. Our trip began with my Dad's Bible College reunion. I guess it's kind of strange to be attending someone else's college reunion but even though I didn't know a lot of people, we heard some amazing testimonies and it was inspiring to see just how many people that attended his Bible college had dedicated their lives to serving God.

Kent joined us part way through the reunion. After the reunion, we traveled east almost to Saskatchewan to see some of the places where my Dad and his family grew up. We loved the slogan on Dad's hometown sign - Kirriemuir "Relish Today Ketchup Tomorrow." We even got to see the "hospital" where he was born which really just looks like a house. From there, we moved on to visit with my Dad's youngest brother and his family. Kent and I stayed with Jeff and Laurel. While Kent rode along on the tow truck, I hung out with Laurel and got to know her and their three little boys.
Then we headed to Three Hills where I got to hang out with friends from eighth grade - Debbie and Rhonda. This was a wonderful reminder of the amazing friends that God has brought across my path - friends that I can pick up with and feel like I just hung out with them yesterday even though it's been several years.Alright, I'm stopping for now in hopes that I'll actually be able to fall asleep soon.

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