Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

All girls weekend this past weekend! My friends Chellaine and Michelle came all the way from Toronto to visit me and they brought Michelle's friend Monique along too. We slept in Saturday and then headed out to Quebec City. Can you believe it - this was my fourth time this year! But I did see some new things so here's a run down.

New: Seeing this very old street filled with little shops and restaurants with my friends Chellaine and Michelle.

New: This little sign for the "toilettes" - love it!

New: Finding this mast from a ship - great place to pose.

New: Staying the night...here we are trying to find a hotel...it almost turned out to be a real sketchy one too with colored florescent lights around the outside. Good thing we checked it out before committing.
New: Eating at the Cosmos Cafe...you must go should you find yourself in Quebec City because it is yummy!
New: Seeing the city at night. Beautiful!

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