Saturday, April 11, 2009

Translation as per my loyal reader's request!

Once upon a time in a castle not far from here a little prince grew up. It was an exciting life with lots of dungeons and moats to explore. But there was a big problem with the little prince. He was very small - smaller than all of his friends...

and all of the princesses in the land. No princess wanted to marry him because everyone knew that a king needed to be tall and impressive. The little prince was depressed. Life without a princess was no life at all. What should he do?
One day he received "The Parchment." It was a newspaper from a country far away from his castle. In a corner of "The Parchment" there was a little wanted ad: "Wanted - a little prince to lead a little people. We will give you a little castle and a little princess." Without hesitation, the little prince decided to leave his land in search of the kingdom of the little people.

His family gave him their blessing. Before his leaving, his father gave him a gift.

It was a compass, a useful gift for someone who was going to find his destiny - the kingdom of the little people.
It was a difficult journey where he encountered wild and ferocious animals like Vinnie the vulture, who was hunted him looking for an occasion to make the Little Prince his dinner. If his friend, Three Feathers, hadn't helped him he would not have survived. Each time that Vinnie was close, Three Feathers would warn the Little Prince.
Finally, he arrived in the kingdom of the Little People. Everyone was happy. They ate fruit to celebrate the arrival of their new king who was tall and impressive in his new kingdom. Right away he married the princess and they lived happily ever after and had many children who were tall and impressive.

The End

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  1. Thanks for the translation. Micah and I read it together. We both liked it. It made us smile. SMILE!!


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