Saturday, September 26, 2009

Best or Worst Dressed?

Apparently this actress chose to wear her politics to Emmy night. I have no idea who she is but it seems that she may have landed herself on the Worst Dressed list for people who care about such things. She needs to move to Africa...she would SO be on the Best Dressed List! It's a la mode to put people's faces on your cloth here. Not only that Obama is a hit here. Earlier this year I went out with a friend to do a bit of shopping. While we bought meat, the guy behind the meat counter correctly identified my friend as an American. He proceeded to point high above his counter to a spot where he had placed a picture of Obama. Then he very proudly mentioned that he and Obama had been friends for two years. Sure buddy, and I'm friends with the King of Spain. Well, whether he's watching over the meat counter, keeping Africa clean or solving all it's problems, one thing is for sure, Obama's dress would be a hit!


  1. The President remains pretty popular here in DC too. I wore a similar dress to work just yesterday!

  2. Well, now Christie, put your dress on and come visit me in Africa! You'll fit right in! :)


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