Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Hedgie

A while back I was reading a magazine in the U.S. that listed the price for a hedgehog as around $100. $100 dollars seem slightly steep for somehting I used to pick up in my backyard on the compound at Galmi and keep in my room as pets...that was, of course, until I realized that they were awfully stinky especially when you don't clean out their cage very often. Well, in all my "days" (and they were short) of keeping hedgehogs, I never had the chance to see an itty bitty baby. The other night the kindergarten teacher, Lori, happened upon a hedgehog and decided to catch it and bring it into school. Overnight, said hedgehog gave birth to this cute little thing., nice timing! Lori said that when it was just born it was pink but by the end of the first day it had white needles. Here "Hedgie" is two days old and the needles are starting to turn gray. It's eyes aren't open yet. Ahhh! Doesn't that face just make you want to go out and pay $100 for a little hedgehog! So cute!


  1. So, how do the needles feel?
    I've never seed/touched/held a hedgehog before, but I think I can say that he's kinda cute. Love the name, though.

  2. Carter and I loved looking at the pictures of the baby hedgehog. We decided that it's good that we don't have prickles on our head, but soft hair instead!

  3. It was interesting to me just learning that when they were born they didn't have any needles because I thought about a mama having to give birth to something like that! Not any mama's idea of fun I'm sure. Hedgehogs really aren't too prickly. When you first put them in your hand they are rolled up into a ball but after a few minutes they start to relax and run around.

  4. I can never think of a hedgehog without remembering the ones that lived outside our house in Tahoua.

    David had never seen one until our trip to New Zealand this year (perhaps they were imported there by the Brits???).

    Thanks for sharing! I've bookmarked your blog and look forward to coming back... sigh, the memories.


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