Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh Me, Oh My

File this under things that make me laugh! Kurt Browning never fails to crack me up.

I think the Charlie Chaplin moves are hysterical and kudos to this girl for being willing to get out there and have a ham like him follow her around.


  1. are they supposed to be doing a "routine" together so he's trying to coordinate his moves to hers??? So hilarious! Great video, Beth.

  2. This was from a "Dancing w/ the Stars" type show in Canada called Battle of the Blades. They took hockey players and paired them up with real figure skaters. Kurt Browning was one of the hosts and I think this must have been during one of the breaks...I'm not sure that it was supposed to be a real routine. I think Kurt was just improvising...thanks for appreciating it with me, Liz! :)


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