Saturday, January 22, 2011

Did I do that?

I had this friend at Toccoa Falls College for whom college was her very first introduction to the western world.  She did some hilarious things out of complete innocence and just wondering what might happen.  For example, she pulled the fire alarm simply because the little handle said "Pull" so she wanted to know what would happen.  On another occasion, she took the cleaning product she used to clean the small chapel on campus and decided to spray her name into the wall - again, simply out of curiosity.  Unfortunately, after it dried the light would hit it just right and one could see her name displayed in large letters.  Her expression after these "clueless" moments was always a very innocent, "Did I do that?"

Well there is some clueless person around these parts shrugging their shoulders and innocently proclaiming, "Did I do that?"  And what exactly is it that they've done?  You can read all about it here.

Hey Mom, I've been craving some of your roast beef.  Do you mind sending me some in the mail?


  1. I was thinking of her just yesterday and trying my best to remember her name! Obviously, if I'd seen the wall of the chapel incident I might better remember it. :)

  2. That was Moe Moe...I think all those incidents happened during the summer between freshman & sophomore year so you may not have had the opportunity to laugh over them like I did. :)

  3. SO, YOU'RE the one who sent the Tabaski meat in the mail! ;)


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