Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Baobab Made Us Do It

One evening as the sun went down, they decided to go for a walk and came to rest beneath a Baobab tree.

Unsatisfied with simply sitting beneath the tree, she felt compelled to climb it.

Inspired by one friend and prodded on by the next, she, too, climbed the Baobab.

She was sitting back, content to watch until the challenge was given.  "If you do it, I'll do it!"  Without a moment's hesitation, she began her ascent.

Having thrown down the challenge and watched her friend scale the old tree, it was time to fulfill her end of the bargain.  She flexed her muscles and showed her young friends that she was more than ready for the task.

Ahh, the glorious spotlight had turned to her.  So she clung desperately to the tree within inches of tumbling to the ground (or merely stepping down, if you must know the truth)!

Not to be outdone, He climbed higher than any one of them.

And so having been spurred on by one another and by the gnarly old tree, they scaled the heights and returned safely to the ground only to walk off into the sunset declaring,
"That old Baobab made us do it!"


  1. You can blame it on the boabab all you want, but we all know Jenny was the one egging you all on!!


  2. What fun! And in a pagne, too!


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