Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ladies' Prayer Breakfast

Each year in January our entire missionary family meets for about four days for our annual conference.  This year I helped my friend Joy out with the Ladies' Prayer Breakfast.  It was a lot of fun designing the decorations and dreaming up the color scheme.
Anita and I made all the wreaths and cones out of newspaper.  That was all we had done until the week of conference.  Thankfully I had a wonderfully crafty guest staying in my house who helped Joy and I roll all the flowers and put them on the wreaths.  We would have been lost without her especially because I was sick with a fever for three days in a row.  

Joy's sister blessed us with some sweet treats for all the ladies including apple cider, hot chocolate, life savers, peppermints and granola bars.  So we hung out and stuffed goodie bags one night. 

Friday night lots of people pitched in to set up the dining hall and make it look like this. 

Saturday day morning the ladies arrived with all their delicious breakfast goodies.  Around 90 ladies enjoyed some great fellowship and time to praise God for the things that He has done in this past year in our lives, our ministries and the country of Niger.

The ladies squeezed a little unexpected fun into conference this year in the form of a flash mob.  You can read about that here.

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