Friday, May 11, 2012

Night School

It all started as an interesting observation, became a joke and flourished into a winning idea!

Tuesday was an unbelievably hot day.  Mid-morning I told my kids we were going to have to turn the fans on five (otherwise known as "the blow every loose paper to kingdom come" setting) because the sweat was just dripping off of us.  Later after our Tuesday volleyball night, I was headed home.  It was about 9:45 in the evening and there was a group of about 20 men in reflective vests sweeping the roads.  I thought to myself, that's brilliant - work at night after the sun has gone down!  And why aren't we going to school then too?

Wednesday morning I told my kids about what I had seen and I suggested that it would be a great idea if we started going to school at night.  They were not at all convinced!  Who knows exactly what I said then to try and convince them it was a great idea but the next morning, the three instigators arrived with flashlights in hand, ready for "Night School."  They were so proud of their little joke and to be sure, it tickled my funny bone too.

Of course, when the other students saw the instigators' flashlights they were disappointed that they hadn't brought their own.  I think they thought I had told them to do so, not realizing that the joke was on me.  So we had "Night School" on Thursday and we kept the lights off all day while our three friends shone their lights on things for us.  But everyone wanted to participate so we made official plans for "Night School" on Friday.  Everyone could bring their flashlight and wear their pajamas since that's what you do at night.

Hard At Work

A Little Bit of Whiteboard Action with Our Fancy Clip-On Flashlight

A Midnight Snack

Bedtime Reading

Settling in for a Snooze

"Night School" definitely gets the two thumbs up award from this crowd!


  1. This gave me some BIG grins. Love those faces in the last picture! Way to bring some spontaneous celebration and interest into a difficult part of the year! You are so creative!! Love you my friend!


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