Thursday, August 30, 2012


Sharing, participation, and fellowship - that is one of the definitions for the word community found on The Free Dictionary site.

Even though it's not at the top of the heap, I like that definition because I feel like it describes so well what we experience at Sahel Academy.  We are surrounded by an incredible community of people who are with us at the best of times...
when we witness a baptism.
when we have a field day.
when we prepare a new building.
when we unload a container.
 or when we celebrate a graduation.
But we are finding out that they are not just willing to share in our joys, they are also willing to...
fill an empty sandbag for us.
wade across a murky river for us.
kill a snake for us.
carry a box or two for us.
and even organize an entire displaced library for us.
This is our community and we love them because they are so often a visible demonstration of God's love for us.
Would you pray for Sahel Academy and its surrounding community?  They are weary to the bone.  Pray that God would renew their strength, send encouragement and give them grace for one another as they work together under very difficult circumstances.  Pray that through them, God will communicate his love to a watching world.  

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  1. Beth you are awesome! I really want the few who read our blog to see your posts... how can I provide a link to yours?


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