Tuesday, September 4, 2012

East to West on I-70

I woke up and this was in my refrigerator!

Ha, in my dreams!  It was my friend Tannie's refrigerator.
About two years ago, she started her own business called Cupcakes and More and her talent just amazes me! 
So my claim to fame is that I pleated that gold paper on the base
and I made the cute little turquoise and yellow flowers on this cake.  Nice, eh!
So Tannie started my long day of driving off with a laugh because she did this.
From North Carolina, it was on to Tennesee, Kentucky and Illinois and then I hit I-70.  Hurricane Isaac was sitting over the state of Missouri so when I got to St. Louis my view of the famed arch was a bit dreary.
Too bad.  But there are other reasons to love the state of Missouri.  For example, while driving in Missouri, one can learn the alphabet.
Instead of being numbered, the highways are lettered.  Perfect time to practice those ABCs!
Another thing to like is guilt free driving at 75 miles an hour!
Mostly likely that would be because I-70 looks like this:
straight as an arrow.
In Kansas, you hit a stretch on I-70 that was the very first interstate to have ever been built in the U.S.  But if I'm being honest, after that there is nothing but country.  That statement would probably offend the people in Prairie Dog Town.  I seriously wonder if there is anywhere else in the U.S. with a longer stretch of interstate and no major cities.
Needless to say, I was filled with anticipation as I came over a rise and saw this view.
Look at those glorious Rockies in the background!  And at their base, in the city of denver a visit with Rhonda awaited me.
Phew! Two and a half days of driving down...many more to go!

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