Friday, February 15, 2013

The Great Experiment Part 6: Lasagna Soup - Loathe It or Love It?

Lasagna - my last experience with lasagna went something like this.  I saw someone's lasagna lunch and thought to myself, "That looks mighty delicious!"  After inquiring as to where the lasagna came from, I found out that it was a Nigerien lady who made the lasagna.  I asked the lady if she had ever sold a lasagna to anyone and how much did she think it might cost.  Little did I realize that that question was basically as good as a request to have a lasagna made.  A week or so later, the friendly cook appeared at my door with a 9x13 pan of lasagna and I was out close to $40.  Yep, lasagna doesn't come cheap in Niger and I certainly learned a lesson - don't ask questions about things you aren't willing to pay for!  That wasn't the only lesson I learned.  Eating a whole pan of lasagna all by yourself can be quite tiresome.  In fact, you might even find that you come to loathe lasagna especially when buying one pan inadvertently leads to buying two more.  Don't even ask about that!

Lasagna Soup, however, is an altogether different story.  It seems like a bit of a weird concept but I am telling you that this stuff is delicious!  I even employed a hand model to demonstrate its cheesy goodness.  I paid her in soup.

This recipe received rave reviews and recipe requests from all the guests who partook of its goodness but the true test came when I had to eat it for leftovers for the rest of the week.  I honestly felt that it became tastier as time went on.  Lasagna Soup?  LOVE IT!

Niger Note:  Ricotta cheese is not easy to come by in Niger but I ate a bowl or two with just some mozzarella on top and I thought it was just as delicious without the ricotta.

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