Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hinkle Mountain Road

Travelling with a gps (aka a global positioning system) can definitely lead to some interesting adventures.  In my travels this year, I've found that the further one gets away from civilization, the more likely the gps is to steer me wrong.  Such was the case on my way into the hills of West Virginia.  I didn't have a good state map with me so I was pretty much relying on the gps to get me up into the hills where we were staying.  It began by taking me down a nice two lane paved road.  But then it insisted that I turn left on Hinkle Mountain Road.  With one look to my left, I quickly ruled out the possibility of ever ascending the steep gravel road with my little Saturn.  So I resolutely set my eyes to continue on the paved two lane road all the while listening to my gps recalculate and continue insisting that I turn around and take Hinkle Mountain Road. 

Days later, my brother was kind enough to take us all out on a drive through the country and down Hinkle Mountain Road just so I would know what I missed. 

Loaded Up & Ready for Our Adventure
It is hard to tell in this picture how steep the road was but it was precisely at this point that the wisdom of staying off this road with my car was validated. I mean for goodness sake it was so steep that we were sliding forward in the bed of the truck!

My brother calculated that it was roughly a 1200 foot drop.

Beautiful sights to be seen along the way.

But heed my warning, no matter what your gps tells you, 
this is not a road for the faint of heart or car!


  1. now those are the kinds of road my hubby looks for just to say he drove it...

    you would have laughed to see the "road" we followed took driving around parc w back in december... just for the fun of it! wish i had a similar warning photo!!! 'cept we didn't have an armed escort with us, so they didn't want us out of the vehicles too much... wild animal game park, you know. :-)

  2. You'll have to hit up backwoods West Virginia just so Tim can have a little fun! :)


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