Sunday, April 14, 2013

Still Making Me Laugh

As I was giving a presentation today this picture stood out to me.  It might have been because her current teacher shared a funny story about her and her class.  Imagining the scene made me chuckle and you know how I like to share the things that make me laugh! So in Miss M's words, here's what went down.
N was asking me about dinosaurs and when they were on the earth.  I told her that they were probably on the earth before the flood.  The whole class got very quiet and after a few seconds, Naeva asked, 'Which flood?'  I told them the flood in the time of Noah, recorded in the Bible.  She started laughing and told me that she thought I meant the flood at the beginning of the school year.  The whole class had a good laugh about dinosaurs being on the earth before the school flood!
Now all I need is a kid writer to write me a tall tale about how the Sahel Academy Flood wiped out the dinosaur population.  That would just be awesome!

Speaking of kid writing, guess what I got for my birthday?  Kid writing from one of my former students.  Is that not an awesome birthday present?

The cool thing is that it's a comic book.  I have been collecting books all year to explore this genre with my students next year so someone's birthday gift is going to get added to the mix of mentor texts.


  1. Now that is a great story, Beth. Only this little girl could have asked that ... May be she can come up with the story of the dinosaurs disappearing during the Sahel flood, she has enough imagination! I will tease her about that tonight!
    Have a great day! Anne

    1. Oh, she certainly has enough imagination. You'll have to tell her that I'm anxiously awaiting the story! :)

  2. I like that hesitation about"before the flood" commment. That is worth a good chuckle..So when can we meet up for Tea..I would love a good visit..

    Love ya,


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