Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thinking, Always Thinking


Children are thinking, always thinking.  It can be oh so entertaining to get a glimpse into what they are thinking.
This week during Writer's Workshop we've been reading some Mark Teague books and comparing the setting, characters, problem and solutions.  I began by reading the book Baby Tamer.  Amazon's summary says, "The noisy and clever Eggmont kids, otherwise known as a baby-sitter's worst nightmare, meet their match in Amanda Smeedy, baby tamer."  After reading, one little boy raised his hand and very seriously said, "I was baby tamed once." I just about cracked up!  I'm pretty sure he may now think that being "baby tamed" is the correct verb for being "baby sat." 

Sometimes it surprises me the connections that kids make.  I went into a few classrooms today to take some photos in an attempt to get a little bit of new content for our school website.  My camera was with me in the lunchroom and I was taking some pictures when a third grader asked me, "Are you leaving, Miss Botheras?"  I kind of laughed and said, "No, why would you think that?" To which he responded, "Well, you have your camera and you're taking lots of pictures.  People usually do that when they're leaving." And that, my friends, is a Third Culture Kid - never too young to be aware of the comings and goings in their life, they learn to recognize the signs early on.

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  1. It's true about the camera. Someone asked me that at the end of our time, too. But I'm just camera crazy, and went through quite a few stages where I was snapping lots of pictures. :)


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