Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Not-So-Hostile Takeover

I think I might be addicted.

I had green throw cushions and green in my kitchen and bathroom curtains, a green mat and a green towel or two to go with my green potholders.  Then I bought a green clock and well, it's been downhill from there.  I painted a huge green wall and covered my kitchen cabinets in the stuff too.  Moved on into my office and painted a little cupboard green after buying material with green in it, followed by green sheets.

And then today happened.  Green twisted my arm into buying this to make some new dining room cushions.
And now that I have it at home I'm wondering could it be that there is just enough to make green curtains?

Somebody stop the madness.  I'm involved in a not-so-hostile takeover!


  1. Green is my favorite color, so I say "Go for it!"

  2. go green! although, personally, i like deep, dark forest green. :-)

    looks awesome, though!

  3. I saw that at Big Boss and also fell in love with it. They have it in grey too, which was really pretty. You'll have to show us what you make with it.

    1. Yep, I bought the last on the roll from Big Boss...unless they have a whole new roll???


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