Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Week

In the month of January this little old blog was left out in the cold with not a post in sight. So neglected was it that I didn't even realize that it was having issues with posting pictures!  After a day or so of figuring that out, I'm ready to at least make sure that February has two posts in it even if they do come one after the other.  So here you go - a little peek into my week!

This week I enjoyed "Office Day".  

But you already know that so you should also know that this week we actually woke up to thunder, lightning and overcast skies.  It rained (or spit) on us twice in one day!  That pretty much never happens in February.

This week my last major home improvement for awhile (I hope!) was completed.  More on this later.  (Hey I might even hit 3 posts in February!)

This week the Titanic set sail from Sahel Academy.  Thankfully, this time the only part of it that sunk was the fabulous cake pictured in the bottom right hand corner. All our students enjoyed a night of fine dining and dancing.

Which brings me to the last item on this list...this week Sahel got hit my another flash mob.  Love these things!

And because I never posted the other one - here's the first flash mob of this year which occurred way back during Spirit Week.

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