Friday, April 18, 2014

Front Ends

Well, every tail end comes with a front end and we did see our fair share of those too on our trip through Nairobi National Park. But before we get to that, here's just a little perspective in regards to the closeness of this park to the city of Nairobi.

The first thing we saw as we drove into the park was a group of about 7 lions.  We didn't have to do any searching at all.  They were right in the middle of the road and they were quite content to be there.

I loved these funny looking birds.  We all agreed that surely Dr. Seuss must have drawn some inspiration from them for some of the funny creatures in his books.

We spotted this guy moving down a hill.  Interestingly, he appeared to be quite far away from any water.  He was definitely aware of us and he was moving at a very fast clip which was surprising.

Apparently it is rather rare to see rhinos in the Nairobi National Park.  So we were privileged to see four altogether both white and black.  This along with the zebras were the animals I really wanted to see.  

There were lots of deer like creatures.

I forget the name of these little guys but they loved to sit on rocks and they weren't the least bit afraid of people.  We saw them halfway through our trip when we stopped for a bathroom break.

We also took a picture of our selves from our perch where we could see all the wildlife.

Then it was on the road again where among other things we finally got to see our zebras.  They were having fun rolling in the dirt.

We get to see lots of giraffes in Niger but I had never seen any fighting.  It looked like they were trying to knock each other down by swiping the legs out from one another with their long necks.  

On our way out of the park we passed the lions in the same spot.  They had really settled in for the day and were all enjoying a mid-morning nap.

This was an amazing experience and definitely a highlight of the trip.


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