Friday, April 18, 2014

The Elephant Orphanage

After visiting the Nairobi National Park, we headed over to the Elephant Orphanage.  These babies were cute as anything.  The littlest three (about 6 months old) came walking down the hill following the keeper.

They each received two bottles of milk. After they finished eating, they roamed around and the keepers began to shovel dirt on them.  They were were trying to teach them to enjoy the mud and dirt.

A few minutes later the 6 to 12 month olds came charging down the hill.

They wasted no time in getting their milk and they weren't afraid to try and steal someone else's either.  This group definitely had some personality!

After 15-20 minutes of eating and playing they left and were replaced by elephants that were over a year old.  This group still got milk but they enjoyed chewing on branches too.

They were definitely all about the mud pit.  Basking in it and slinging it far and wide.  Good thing I didn't stand close to the mud pit!

After all the babies returned to their home, our group headed back to Mayfield to prepare to go on to Rift Valley Academy for our conference.  Here we all are together on the steps of Mayfield along with A's friend who really opened the way for our last minute adventures to take place.

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