Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I remember back when I was a boarding student at Kent Academy, my elementary teachers would always take time at Christmas to help us make a gift for our parents for Christmas.  They were simple but they were cherished.  One of them was a little container that my Mom kept stamps in forever!  Anyway, because I know how special it was to be able to give my parents a little gift that was a surprise to them, I always like to help my students make something for their parents for Christmas.  

I was at home during the Christmas of 2012 and did some after Christmas shopping, hitting up the sales where I found this little ornament.

It caught my eye because it looked like something a First Grader could make and after looking at the construction of it, I was convinced.  So I started gathering supplies and packing them in my trunks to bring along.  Thankfully, the container got here before Christmas this year so my class could give it a try.

Here's the supplies we used:

Strong Wire (or in my case a long twist tie)
Jingle Bells
Christmas felt - Cut into various size squares.  I had about 4-5 different sizes and tried to keep them sorted that way.  I also cut a little hole in the middle of each square for threading.
Small felt stars enough for two per child 
Sequins or fuzzy balls for ornaments
Ribbon for Hanging

We each got a long twist tie and threaded a jingle bell on to it.  I helped each child secure the jingle bell.  Then we began threading the largest squares on to our twist tie.

After adding the largest squares, we threaded on some medium sized squares.  

Halfway there!

Some of them paid attention to turning the squares, others didn't but the beauty of this ornament was that it didn't seem to matter.  

We added smaller and smaller squares until there was just enough room at the top of the twist tie to make a loop for hanging.  Then it was time for some finishing touches - sparkly, fuzzy, little ornaments.

For the top, each student had two stars which they glued around the twist tie and then held in place until they were secure.

All that was left was a ribbon for hanging!

Tada!  A simple, fun gift for parents and all with very little mess!

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