Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ice Maker Ice Breaker

My feelings about ice are no secret.  If you hang around me long enough, you're bound to figure out that I quite like it.  Even my First Graders have picked up on that little fact.

One afternoon, out of nowhere, this little guy asked me what I would do if I had a million dollars.  Before I even had time to answer the question he said, "I know, you would buy an ice machine!"

Asked and Answered! :)

After recess one day, this kid was having trouble getting any water around the big block of ice in his water bottle so he turned to me and said, "Miss Botheras, since you're an ice expert can you break this ice out of here."  Chewing ice every recess qualifies me as an ice expert...if you have any ice problems, you know who to call.

So I was sitting across from this little one crunching on my ice when she looked across at me and inquired, "Do you like ice?" I happen to have quite the long history with her family, having grown up with her dad and his siblings.  I looked across the table at her and began to wax eloquent, "In the long history of Botherases and Cs (being her family name), the Botherases have always been lovers of ice and the Cs have never been." She probably looked at me like I was crazy but it was the truth. A water cooler in the Botheras house is chock full of ice but in the Cs house the water temperature is nowhere near as frigid.  However, being the kind and thoughtful people they are they always stock up when they know a Botheras is on the way.

Which was a bit of a concern for me when I unexpectedly had to evacuate my home and impose upon my friend Bev.  Would we survive?  There had been no time to prepare ice. Worrying, I know, but I'm happy to report I made it!

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